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Now, Upwork is the premier platform for top companies to hire and work with the world’s most talented independent professionals. We’re creating a world of unmatched talent and opportunity, where global teammates who are thousands of miles apart can work together seamlessly.

Their Principles: 
As their online workplace grew, a few simple principles were adopted to ensure success for all users, including the Upwork Guarantee that an hour worked is an hour paid, and an hour paid is an hour worked. In a nutshell, these are their beliefs:

As a freelancer, you have the right to:
    • Be paid for every hour worked—on time, every time
    • Work where you want, when you want
    • Set an hourly rate based on your skills, experience, and reputation
    • Have access to the tools you need to build your business online
    • As a client, you have the right to :
    • Audit and pay only for hours worked
    • Find the right person for the job, no matter where they live
    • Build an online workforce, on-demand and on your own terms
    • Manage and pay a global team with ease

Getting Started With (Upwork) : 

It is really very simple to get a job and make money from . You just go to Upwork, sign up with their terms and conditions and get started.You have to write a short description about your skills / work experience then find work.
Two Type of Jobs are available on .
1. Hourly Job.
2. Fixed Price Job.
However, I have described here, how to become a professional freelancer on  I have shown step by step process to build a freelancing career on Upwork. Please follow every step.

How To Create Professional Profile (Upwork) :

If you want to create a professional profile, follow step by step process. Go to and fill-up the sign up page. After sign up, click 'edit you profile' link and put some information.

(1)  Basic information, Title and Profile Photo : Provide yourself.
(2)  Hourly Rate :  Set up your hourly rate. As a newbie you should put low hourly rate. After complete some successful job then maximize your hourly rate.
(3)  Profile Overview :  Profile overview is the place where you should write detail about your work, experience and what will you provide to your client.
(4)  Categories : Add categories and sub categories about your work.
(5)  Skills :  This is very important to get job on odesk. Add your skills that your possess.
(6)  Employment History : If you have served any where, you have to put the information here.
(7)  Education :  Add your educational qualification.
(8)  Portfolio Project :  It is a great way to prove that you are the right person for this job. Show your previous work sample on your portfolio item.
(9) Skills Test : After complete your profile you should take some test. At first you have to take Upwork readiness test then other, which are related to your job.It is the best way to prove your skills and impress the client. The more relevant test you pass the more professional you look.

How To Write An Effective Cover Letter:

To write an effective cover letter you should write this kind of words. For an example you will write Link Building Job cover letter, then you should write :

Dear (client's name / Hiring manager),
Thank you very much for making a opportunity to participate this job. I am expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO),and other related tasks.I am able to do Blogs commenting and posting, Article submission, Directory submission, Forum posting,Social Networking and Social Bookmarking.I believe that I am good fit for your job.If you want I am ready to make any consideration about my given bid. I can assure you that i shall provide this job within the necessary period. If you are interested to discuss with me about your project i can give you my Skype id.


What is portfolio ? 

Portfolio is your previous work experience. It is very difficult for you to get a job on freelancing site like without portfolio. Portfolio is very important for the new comer who have not yet served  any job on . you have to use the portfolio item section to show your previous work sample which is related to your skills. If you want to use your client's work sample as a portfolio then you have to get permission from your client. It is very easy to edit, add and delete your portfolio item. You can do it at any time.

How Do We Add Portfolio Items :

To add portfolio item follow step by step process
Step 1 : Click setting icon and my contractor profile.
Step 2 : Scroll down to profile projects and select add button.
Step 3 : Put a title, image, attachment.
Step 4 :  Put date, Category and Subcategory.
Step 5 : Enter a short description about your project. 
Step 6 : If you have any web site or blog site about your project then enter your site url in the project url box.

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